I am #NonBinary | State Bill 179 California Driver’s License Amendment| #01 #Genderfluid #Halloween

Rather than commence on dressing up in costume, like in my bride dress or French Maid, I took up the cause! Today at work I am Delilah as I am at home. I identified as NonBinary. Or genderfluif.

Hummm, hu, what, or yeah!!! Are the collective responses. 

Some are getting it I think. They are asking questions and discussing it intently….what is genderfluid or nonbinary? This morning the day after a new engineer asked me if I did that in recognition of nonbinary. I said yes. 
He said you’ve been doing that every year for the cause. I said not really. The nonbinary is new for most of us. Even me. 

As some could only understand crossdresser, days of yore, they see now all my years of dressing up in various female costumes that I do this for real.  It’s not just a thing I do. 

It’s  certainly interesting to see my progressive counterparts adopt to a situation that I think was a no brainer. It’s not. They’re dealing. 

Even at one time I identified as transgendered to only have to significantly alter it because in reality the change occurred midstream from all gender nonconformists going from being transgendered to actually those that don’t identify as either. Like me. Genderfluid.

If you read the statutory change coming up from Senate Bill 197, there’s no need to go through a transition or get a doctors note. A sex change isn’t necessary. 

Merely an atestmemt under penalty of perjury, that one is nonbinary. I wholly intend to change my drivers license. And do prior to September of next year. I declare myself under penalty of perjury to everyone. 

I am nonbinary.