NSFW – 18+ Years Old

Delilah Knotty portal is Not Safe For Work and is for Adults (please self regulate), explore my site or see my material in a suitable and safe environment.  This site is intended for a mature audience who are of proper age and are of a sound mindset (mostly).  This blog discusses and depicts bondage and rope art, materials may be considered explicit to some and most definitely unsuitable for anyone under 18 years old.  However, to myself it is an embraced lifestyle and if you disagree, object, are offended, or just don’t get it, kindly turn away.


DelilahKnotty.co is a my portal of non-binary bondage expression and Shibari and Kinbaku Rope Works.  This is my place to share and dive deep or shallow into my actions in the Scene.  My bondage passings are explored, exhibited, and enthusiastically endorsed and come from my life-long passion for bondage.

Rope herein is practiced with consensual adults who also understand that bondage is a mindset, explored one-on-one, for pleasure and freedom from responsibility.  It is an expression of the human form, alternatively shown, tied up, as a beautiful being.  I am an advocate for the Scene, I encourage and practice all the time (when I can), this is a Life-Style, and spend many hours learning from others; my tying partners, instructors, a mentor, and community leaders. 

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Now join me and lean-in…Let us join together and make Kink a less marginalized open community.

-DK / Blackfish.