The DomCon Experience – 2022 @DomConLA and The MC

Rope Partner: Zichonokthefox (IG) w/ @delilahknotty

Prologue: “The DomCon Experience.” I have considered withholding my story on my blog and on Twitter because I worried about the blowback or how it may affect the person who impacted me. I decided that despite my reservations, I hold no allegiance to the person who impacted me. She decided to do what she did, she owns it. Let us begin.

To the gist, while at DomCon LA last Saturday, I saw an on old FemDom friend from my past, one of the “self attested” super FemDom’s. This FemDom was the proprietar of the 2000’s Justice League, a house of domination formerly on Sunset Boulevard in the 2000’s that eventually folded. To be clear, this person is also the FemDom DomCon MC.

While we greeted like FemDom to FemDom in an old western, she decided in her wisdom to touch and tingle my genetic package, literally grabbing me like Trump, over my skirt! She grabbed me by the implied pussy. In front of my rope partner, who bore witness, and my girlfriend who thankfully, did not.

Minutes later, pretty much unaffected, I conducted a super great Rope Scene with Foxy (Zihonokthefox who is above), with a captive audience of on-goers, supporters, friends, and again my girlfriend @athenaboundxo (❤️). I tied Foxy and gagged her, and I caned her a good one. After so many years, I thought I stood among the Dominatrices…but in reality, my old friend said no, no you don’t (🧐).

So after so many divorce years making it on my own, in my own way and my own name, I was reminded that I am not quite that equal to the real woman who call themselves FemDoms. The Trump like grab over my skirt was simply employed upon on me by another genetic female FemDom, non-consensually and unwarranted, in a plain and simple way she said; ‘you are not one of us.’

In essence, she took away my true nature, and importantly absconded with the grace I deserved while presenting as a female. Of which, she knew me so well in my past, Delilah, Delilah Knotty. I was reminded of my genetic male-self!

You see, this is the DomCon Experience I so remember. (Although I shall attest there are many, many very nice, approachable, respectable and confident FemDoms / Doms present who would never dare to be so bold and mean, insensitive and uncouth.). Our greeting reminded me of the FemDom Scene of the pompous posture and transparent over confidence of yesteryear, old and tired.

While I did enjoy the afternoon with my gf later, walking the aisles and perusing the sales vendors charms, I went home to only find myself a little defeated. Alone and quiet, but not without a friend. Foxy. However, I ask for no sympathy. In the end I was doing what I loved….no posing or pretense. I did what I did, I tied up a girl name Foxy and my girlfriend watched and supported me, along with new supportive and cosmopolitan cohorts.

So in closing I ask one question to you to consider after my consent violation: Who really has life by the balls?