Delilah Knotty

Delilah Knotty, a Scene member since 1999 (birth date), I have pursued the explorations of bondage through modeling in photography for many years. My role as model began for a prominent Mistress in Los Angeles, and accelerated through on-line website mediums like Harmony Concepts, Trannies in Trouble (still going strong), and BirchPlace (still there), peaking in 2006 and abruptly ending in 2007.

Practicing quietly behind the scenes, from 2011 and on, I continued to tie up as a rigger, be tied up, and model as Delilah Knotty seen above. The need to tie and be tied was as many of us find, an undeniable practice, an urge, and a need. I shared my works in the newly developing Social Media sphere through Twitter and formerly Tumblr, that appreciated the damsel in distress motif, all while raising a family.

My fully endorsed rope expression then again resurfaced in 2015 as a freelance, non-profit bondage expressionist; of which today I call my resurgence.

It came after an expedition to a renowned bondage event called BoundCon, held in Munich, Germany, where fetish reigns and bondage is accepted. Then in 2016, I saw the rope community in United States take on a life like never before seen in the early 2000’s. Rope and bondage had become its own in the Kink community, at the help of small groups teaching and hosting rope intensives, and rope/bondage events.

I took solace in that bondage expression is my inalienable right. And as such, Delilah Knotty resurged on-line. And as many of you know, my bondage modeling work from 2011 through 2017 is still being uploaded today.

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