Bondage Expo Dallas Leg 1 #NoBondageNoLife #Blackfish

So I am sitting in-my Delta comfort seat, and sitting comfortably. I am very much astonished that I am here. Happy emoji face!!! I left my place seemingly late as traffic at 2 PM through DTLA was slow and seemed impossible on Google maps. Though it wasn’t so bad. I made it to LAX in 40 minutes.

But that was at 250PM and my flight boarding was 410PM. Parking Lot C was full when I got there.. Even Walley Express parking, an old go-to in a rush.

Holly cow..what to do? Luckily in 8 minutes I found a parking space! Amazing really.

Then rather easily I made it to Terminal 3.

Though my way was as usual with fan fare. My breast form in the side of my bag stopped me. As TSA flagged for something gooey and funny formed…jaja!

After that it was a chicken bowl at my leisure and priority seating…so here I am blogging as passengers walk in the isle passed me….not bad for Leg 1.

And yes…this time I am in boy mode in transit…my feet feel tired and Dallas International is a big airport.

But tomorrow it’s all DK. …a.k.a Blackfish

I’m out. Doors closed on my jet. Bye bye boom! Gone!