Call Me Blackfish (Delilah Knotty)

After a long path treding on my own terms and conditions, it has come time to release my cache of private bondage photo shoots taken over the last six years since my hiatus from 2007-2011.  As we discussed between old friends in my new SouthPass pad, over an amber, Sandra will use them on her decade’s successful site, Trannies in a Trouble

Over the years, the bondage shoots have been done really for my personal collection, pleasure, and while I have shared them here and there on my @DelilahKnotty account via Twitter or on my lost Tumblr accounts (2 of them in the past),  I only shared a fraction of the database of bondage material I’ve created. 

This recent share embedded here was from my Twitter, shot last May 2016 during DomConLA weekend.  Sandra and I shot the whole day (5 sets alone) in an amazing AirBnB in DTLA.

Generally I just referred to my files as my personal archives, Sandra of-course had her duplicates in reserve pending a release at the right time, if at all ever, which appears to be now.   The time is right because of my new life path, if ever now, I shall…also I am a proud Fetish Scene member, unafraid to walk in the limelight.

Also, as it seems the tide is changing for ‘us’ in the Fetish Scene. Fetish is becoming more in the know, and less marginalized. As an advocate, I should stand proud as Delilah Knotty – bondage model and show my bondage work, and yes practice rope on others.

As so it seems, a pivotal moment has arrived, not a return or resurgence as it was in 2015 for myself. It’s a reemergence rather than resurrection, of Delilah Knotty, as I haven’t been dormant. 

Rather than call for a Requiem beyond my days one day down the line…we’ll make it a call for the living than the dead… Today and now.  I come back, lean in…Call Me Blackfish.

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