Time for a Close Shave.

My mind has been racing lately and yet I haven’t stopped to write. Recently my ex and I seemed to make a new bridge. Though it seems wobbly? Not sure why.

So….My girls came back from a pool party yesterday that I took them too last summer and now it’s them. Her and him. How binary. And I wonder.

My past friends of hers and no longer mine, their husbands must feel shaken. Half of them, got the lady looking after them. More than half. Okay 80%. So easy to be replaced. Yeah?! Right. Take care as you may need to stand up alone. Here one day…the next not. Humm hahhh….so as so tis on my mind the wee 24 hours.

And let that be my lesson herein. You too are replaceable….as the Demon Barber said.

Time for a close shave…

And dispense with thy soul, for naught worth the coins on you…