Flashback 1992 – Safe Word LA 2022 (Foxy to Laura Palmer)

Twin Peaks (play as you read, please.)

Safe Word Los Angeles. November 26th, our year of the Lord 2022.

Safe Word is a premier BDSM/Kink private event that was held again last night in Downtown Los Angeles. I was fortunate enough to perform with my lovely and dearest partner, Foxy (ZichonoktheFox on Instagram). On this occasion of a performance that I so very rarely partake in, a track came on, The Pink Room, that was played in the movie Twin Peaks, released in 1992.

The music sunk in slowly, just as the swell of an oceanic current that amplifies the tides from continent to continent. And so the swell hit me, 30 years later and I thought, oh shit; Twin Peaks! Fire Walk with Me. My mood instantly changed as I played with Foxy, I became more in tune with movement and flow, and took her in a little more. I slowed down. I guided my rope with more intent and my hands sunk in deeper into her flesh. I took in her eyes and I watched, as she watched me. The music played on..and so did our play.

When Twin Peaks came out in 1992 I was a closeted fetishest and where ever and whenever, if I could find a hint of kink or BDSM in the mainstream media I watched it…over and over…

Twin Peaks, created by the unique creative David Lynch, had strong front loaded tones of kink. The movie centered around a slain teenager, Laura Palmer, who was unbeknownst to her friends (except her father), worked in a brothel in the far up north fictional town of Twin Peaks, the Great State of Washington. So often, Lynch, showed Laura Palmer’s past as an FBI agent delved deep into her murder and into her brothel life where it often catered to clienteles bondage fantasy’s. Laura, who did as she was supposed to, as good girls go, got tied up on occasion, but really-really didn’t like it. It was as if she was forced into bondage at her work, and on occasion, by her father who was the real perpetrator (dead giveaway). Which, aside from her father’s incestuous sickness and madness, made it all the more hot in my mind (consent non-consent) that she was tied at the brothel. So as you see, I knew this track all too well when I heard it last night at Safe Word LA 2022, with my Foxy.

Visceral thoughts of my earliest days of yearning for bondage came in as I played with Foxy, last night. The song played on and so did I. As a 20 year old at the time of Twin Peaks, my angst for rope bondage was as strong as my hard on’s, as I often dreamed of girls tied up. The flash back of 1992 as I took in Foxy at Safe Word LA was yet again, another moment when dreams become realities.

No longer was I dreaming or wishing, last night was real….2022. I was tying up a girl, a girl that I am so enamored over, head over heels, boots-to-balls, Mrs Foxy, my damn right sexy, white-girl, wet dream. Ironically and so charmingly, Foxy last night transformed into my Laura Palmer. Just for a second.

I tied on and so did the song. I wish it could have lasted, though, but I knew it wouldn’t and with it my slow playing tempo. But the feeling from the play and the reminder from The Pink Room burns on today (as I write). What an inspiration by the way!

Twin Peaks, perhaps it helped shape me for who I am or perhaps more so, I simply found that a life out there existed for what I desired. A life that is much easier and accommodating than in 1992, a life that is destined to come to fruition, but only through engagement and participation. You see, I feel I made this happen, of course by great chance with others around me who influenced and had common desires. However, when opportunities came about, I did not leave them or let them slide…

I modeled rope bondage for Harmony Concepts 2004, went to Germany in 2015, Japan in 2017, practiced rope bondage over and over since…my kink lifestyle was destined….and foreshadowed 30 years ago….