My Colors

I was asked this evening what was my favorite color. We went a little bit round about. I later confessed. It is blue. And it is white. The colors of Alice. My Alice from Wonderland.

A snap from a February 2, 2016, post (above). I see our colors as we play I replied. That was my round about. As I have blogged about in our Scene in a blog before. If you follow me.

I see colors. It’s why I play. I like the energy emitted from my partner. Their energy creates a light, like a Star, orange to blue or white. The hottest stars are blue and white. Look it up fans. The hottest stars in the universe are this color. They last only millions of years and blast out as Super Novas. And contribute to our mass…

Other stars last billions of years.. I like blue and white. Those are my colors Blue and white. The colors of my play partners.