Your Kinky Friends – Video Blog Interview DK – Blackfish (@nicholastanek; Tw; @DK_Blackfish; IG)

Sandra…dear Sandra mentioned to me over Twitter – IM, we communicate a lot this way, an interesting out reach by a person named Nicholas Tanek.  He operates a video blog and interview site of us in the Scene.  I was immediately intrigued.

I have a lot to share, don’t I? Deep secretes of the especially the Pro-Domme Scene.  Haha…you wish. (One-day I’ll share the stores of  married to a Dominatrix.)  This was about me, Delilah Knotty the Bondage model.  While the time finally came near, we planned it about three weeks plus out, I began to brain storm on what to say and share.  In the end, I redirected myself toward my current self, DK – Blackfish, rope top ‘Lifestyle’ player.  The questions I answered were organic, I had limited time to think of myself in the coming days, the questions came in like the day before or so.

Generally, now a days, I don’t obsess over such things, like an interview, until they are practically on top of me. Some say it is procrastination.  It is actually time-management.  I know I can focus when needed and under pressure.  Yes, I am badass….haha just experienced.  I have done an interview or two, just never shared them.  Remember, I got the hard drives?

Hope you enjoy my interview.  – Cheers, Delilah Knotty, a.k.a., Blackfish