This is not my first rodeo, and not likely my last to see adversity. I am not referring to my accountability at all, but as a nexus, I am referring to those and to a person that wished to take advantage of my vulnerability I undertook by sharing my flaw during my personal accountability.

As Mr. Robot said, parphased as I remember, you have to know the vunerability’s to create a patch, but it does lead to possible exploitation.

As I said, it’s not my first rodeo with adversity. For instance, I got a promotion at work a few years back and endured horrible exlcusion and negative subversive retaliation from a female peer, whom in retrospect and only after Black Lives Matter happened, did I releaze it was White Privledge that she thought it was hers. I worked twice as hard as her, for a decade, yet she dragged my promotion through the mud proclaiming it as a fluke. She undermined me quietly in the office, telling lies, and spreading flashoods, hurting me to the core. My promotion sucked. But like I said, I have a defense against adversity, I ignore you, I will see right through you, and so does everyone elese, but they will remember your hate. As I.

So in response to my work problem, I created this satirical reponse (now reformatted), becuase this song really does show what I do. I am sharing again here to prove that no one may exploit me for being vulnerable during my accountability.

I am referring to one person that in response to my posts, about why I’ve tied with whom, you claimed that I did not tie with “you” for two very specific disingenuous and false reasons. This is not directed at that person I harmed. I did what was right and took responsibility, and explained with some transparency what was going on over the last year, but for you to perpetuate baseless, unsubstantiated comments; it is shameful and disgusting.

Telling this disinformation to fellow piers is in my mind a way to lift yourself up, gain attention, all while attempting to cultivate more unwarranted animosity to me is worse than anything I’ve done. It’s unacceptable. You are conducting yourself in an “intentional malacious manner” set for one goal, destruction. It’s despicable and disgustiing, and at its core exploitative of an unfortunate event that I created, to pass along an opinion “without evidence” to gain nothing else but stature.

As a result, I feel you are an exploitative person to put words in my mouth and claim I did not tie with you for those two reasons that were never true, never said, or implied. Its just falsehoods and to share it, is simplest wrong. You could have just asked me what happened?

This is my blog. I’m not going beyond this to talk about it to anyone as I don’t engage with these rumors and help you gain notoriety as that’s your undoing. But here. I speak the truth. It’s my platform.