The Quiet Secretary

imageThe cloth felt so wonderful against my skin as I furiously worked to my Supervisor’s instructions. The fabric made of a stretchy cotton was tightly wrapped twice around my face, wide fastened, to be sure the wad stuffed inside my mouth stayed in.  As I performed my tasks at hand I wondered if this would be my normal at the office…after all it was only my first ‘trail’ day on the job. Maybe this is how it as this office? The pay was very good, too good, perhaps this is the reason why I thought to myself.  No wonder the position couldn’t be filled.

As I worked along, I murmured a bit in acknowledgment of my understanding, although I was only silenced even more with a gentle shhhh, “quiet-girl, I’m talking.”

imageI sensed extended moment of ease as the hours passed by until the end of the day. My half day trail period on the job went well I believe, after I got the notice of hire that day.

‘Unusual the office manager wrote on the paper-most just run out.’ She too was quieted, with a red rubber ball of sorts, fasted in-place with a black strap as it seemed.  Kind of like Snow Whites little red apple.

Tomorrow and the days forward I would work permanently silenced, the manager informed me on my paperwork…’This office is to be silenced to allow the Supervisors ample time to concentrate.’ I got full benefits and with the superb pay, my classmates would be jealous. Lucky me, I reckon.  Hired on as the new Quiet Secretary.