#Bondage is My Sex (Being Close to Your Girlfriend) – The Prestige to #Rope

Bondage is my sex, it is my intimacy, it is my ‘work-around’ to actual sex and even foreplay. To tie with a rope partner is having a close intimate relationship, it is a physical interaction that involves trust and intimacy with a sexual context and without the sexual component…intercourse or masturbation.


My mental state during bondage and rope play is heightened, I feel the adrenaline, the sexual hormones pumping in my blood stream, the drive to engage…however, as a higher level thinking being I channel this sexual desire into the rope, into my bondage as I tie…bind and gag…oh yes!

And there in lies The Prestige to rope. Yes, I am giving away our secrete rope-tops, the rope illusionist’s trade secret. To tie another is to cheat the system.

I can be close, physically and emotionally, without the bonding of sex and connotations of being together after sex, no guilt, no lingering desire, except perhaps another chance to tie (and a cold shower).


Once sex is engaged with a partner, all the rules change, the board game changes, and a reboot begins.

My ex-partner could not understand this, or I couldn’t covey it correctly; my desire to be tied and now tie is an undeniable draw….many Professional’s don’t either…

I say this this: without sex, with rope-with bondage, I can cheat and be close…be intimate, touch skin, insinuate that sex is eminent and yet not be intimate. I can pull hair, impact skin, tear at limbs with seminawa rope…lift and suspend or just taunt with an up-line…

…The Prestige…I get to be god damn close to your girlfriend…And in the end…I can go home…take that cold shower…jaja!!! Plan again.

Bondage is My Sex.