VIDEO; Hajime Kinoko (@Shibarijp) 19 Minute Cyber Rope Part I – @TheEchoLA, May 2016

Last year I was invited to see a Shibari performance at the Echoplex (@TheEchoLA) by Hajime Kinoko (@Shibarijp) in Echo Park for $5! Five-Dollars!!!! 

At the time I was searching for more to do in the rope scene, I was starved for rope action…I was rigging only sporadically for Trannies in Trouble and I wasn’t freelance modeling…meaning I was being tied up or tying up. 

Learning of Kinoko’s planned performance, I did a quick search on-line to see if he was teaching, ‘he must I said to myself;’ and then I found active groups and individuals all over the Country and one close to home, the Devils Mask Society, who was hosting him in an intensive.-I think.  Where have I been, I though?

After seeing Kinoko-San’s performance, I said that’s for me! 🙂  I must learn!  But I had another reason too…I needed to play and connect with rope! And also my concussion was about over, so I felt the need to find others and start. Time was not to waste. No more wanting for it. Do it. Start learning. 

Well, I hope you enjoy this video of Hajime Kinoko in action…it was a public venue so I hope You Tube will be cool.  This is part one of two. 

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