Jumbos – Erotic Pole Dancing

Last Saturday we made an 11 o’clock decision while at The Abbey in West Hollywood for a pole dancing bar hop to place called Jumbos Clown Room, east Hollywood. Actually we were chasing  a few friends that left at 9 when the staff at the Abbey up and commandeered our table to make room for dancing. Which in retrospect was fine because we started to dance!

After driving 20-minutes and then waiting another 20 in the que, we got into the famous pole dancing bar-Jumbos Clown Room.  There aren’t clowns in there at all…mind you.

It wasn’t super spacious, then again it wasn’t tiny like a SM bar in Japan, it was comfortable; and boy the view from anywhere inside was entertaining!  The pole dancing was rocking and the ladies executing the contortionist moves were haut/HOT! 

I was throughly enthralled.  One by one a fine lady in panties and a bra, platformed heels would saunter out and break a dance around a golden pole on a small stage designed specifically for rotating in wild circles on a pole. 
Each lady with their own unique style and technique flsuntrdc eye candy to the minds eye!  

Patrons (men and women) fully engulfed, dropped dollar bills on the stage during the routines. Some patrons tossed dollars like quarters, others folded them like hundreds and let them slip from their fingers like leaves in the fall. 

In the end, the ladies were ovatted in a thundetous/whistling applause. But one thing…to me…the ladies in the end would get on their knees to gather their dollars, swooping from one side of the stage to the next. Sexily I may say dusting-up their dollars. 

While I thought this dancing was an empowering female dominance over the common mans insatiable desire for anything sex, their collection of donations on their knees gave me pause, as I’m sure a hardened feminist would potentially see this as degrading….Why not have a cutie girl/helper sweep the floor with a black-feathered floor mop to collect the bounty?

Of-course as one does enjoy a good lady on her knees, crawling…after all I’m in the Scene, and this of-course is just is as titilating for the patrons to see the dancers crawl from side-side, having one last glance at her toned body….I thought; to truely make this empowering the finale of getting her well deserved treasure of dollar bills could be done with an elegant touch. 

Again…I don’t mind see a girl crawl…just at the right time.  Like in my bedroom tied-up asking for me….

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