La-La-Laaa…Biking in my Hood!! South-Pass.

OMG. Like Oh-my-Fucking -G. Double GG!!! I just got on my bike…I got at REI around New Years and took it for a ride in my hood!  First time in 20 years.  I got an amazing rush of being back in the days…Back n’da-Day.  

I hooped on it like I haven’t ever stopped. Like Sex. Yes we stopped. But once you fuck you know how to fuck. Like ridding a bike. Fucking is easy. So is ridiculously ridding my a bike. 

I barreled down my sidewalks. Like they were mine. I owned them. Yes!!! Cars stopped at lights waiting like fools. Here I am, la-la-laa, like Babe the Pig. I live 5 minutes from work. Ja-Ja!!!! 

What a throw back. If my marriage lasted, I wondered would have I ever done this again, because it’s been over 20-years since I rode a bike.?

God dammit. I’m ridding a bike.  OMG. LOL. Giggles. 

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