Yo lA TeNGo – TimE

Cruising on the way back to my tree house, from Santa Anita Mall (closest thing to Nagoya as I can get right now) to South Pass, I listened to my satellite feed of Yo La Tango….

As I drove ever so relaxed with no rush or care of time, I realized I was hearing this cool alternative tune for what seemed like 10 minutes!!! What?!  Like a 10-minute song or I was going through green lights on Huntington Drive…continuous….sunroof open…window down, arm hanging out….nice manicure (of-course!)..It’s winter, right?

I passed a drumming troop in the teachers parking lot at San Marino High, drumming in the dark (so dedicated, love-it, that’s a passion), a cop stopped at a red while I breeze through a yellow light, my In-n-Out (old hood, yeah old think 2-year olds)….they went on and on….Yo La Tengo.

I felt so at ease and relaxed. What a great soNg….My new glasses on (just picked up), new blouse and skirt from Uniqlo (just got)….I felt haPPy and calm. HappY.

Yeah I gave up and lost a LOT (I had a lot to lose)….my life is now “ricH’ with new stuff…..Time! a gF…players in rope…rOpe….TImE….oh baby. I won the lottery (except I do miss my girls…I lOvE ThEm, Raised TheM-you know it)…babies you’re on my mind…I love YOU!

Thank you!!! -mg- ….Time…