My New Frontier – Apple iPad Pro

Without engaging into the embarrsment of my self-inflicted wound having intentionally lost my circa-2009 iMac, I was forced to consider rather promptly a new way of managing my on-line profile.  Briefly I considered a new MacBookPro, to only research that the new line ups were in production for this year’s release, so I ditched my new purchase back to the Apple Store.

Then again I circled back to the notion of social seclusion, a suspension of my on-line profile.  Leaving my presence to a mere 140 characters via Twitter until the new Pro’s were available.  Kind of boring and fleeting, as I have such more desire and intent for an on-line social footprint, as the damn new Mac would not be out for sale until possibly June; I could barely manage of the thought of waiting until March.

Then I reconsidered the new iPad Pro as my savor…and as I type on my Apple wireless keyboard that sat in my closet for a year, never used, looking at my iPad Pro, touching (ooh) and typing woefully, I am becoming more of realist that this new interaction is quite the buzz.  Of recent times I have been yearning for mobility, you see.  The one desk, two-person situation here was completely ridiculous as I was always booted away…causing undeniable mishap.  Let’s make it real. Everyone needs there own computer.

A laptop was of a long considered notion that was advanced to center stage when I lost my iMac.  Anothe iMac would be nice, super power in them, minus the dreadful spinning hard drive it comes standard with, though that would be back to ‘beating the bricks, pal’ until the desk freed up, wouldn’t it? Of course I could get a new desk, too simple a solution, though the iMac would also be used on occasion even there at ‘My Desk.’ I needed to be self-sustainable…

As such I sit now with my less than one day old iPad Pro testing the new frontier of inetgrated lap-top capability, desk top computing prowess, and touch screen adapability.

I must profess Apple has produced a trifecta here…I think I am going to like my new found independence…

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