Housing Crises – Time to Sell

Why bring it up now?

Flash back 2006. This is a true fucking story….I iniststed we sell the house, but of-course it wasn’t in my name.  We were just married, she bought it on her own. I knew something was wrong with the market.

I rceall a huge fight we got into from at a restaurant called Tantra. On the fucking street we yelled at each other, all she said was No..  ‘Sell it”.  Later I even brought in a broker and agent, he said we could sell it at $580K, No problem.  We sat on the living room floor and listened..

At the time it seemed minuscule to her. She wanted more.

In the end, a weeks before the end of times, we sold it at $487K. Barely. Barely.  We sat in our Pasadena rental, and Mr. Paulson from the Treasury came out and declared a national emergency. Our boxes weren’t even unpacked.

Why now? Time to sell.

My divorce is soon. 


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