Hummmm. Today I cried at my desk….then worked…

Today I was glued to my monitor reading texts that seemed like Martian yet I could read them.  I was thinking who am I conversing with, why do I understand and feel?  I just cried and then replied to my future ex wife…the Ex2

I’m sure my new engineer cubicle mate saw me, I didn’t care she did, I was too involved reading unbelievable statements, fabrications, strange  accusations…strange.  Fucking post-menopause.

I’m like what? Who has what? Lol….sadness…cry….crazy…..

Yeah I cried.  I cried in silence on the 8th floor, peering outside. It’s okay, I cried. I felt amazingly better.  Clearer. Focused.  I went right to work….

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