8 Minutes Flashback (1993)

As I was driving to work, the 8 minutes that it takes, I heard a 90’s song that took me back to being an undergraduate in Geology. At the time it was a mixed bag of success and struggles. The quarters flew by on a 10 week schedule. Three per year.

Classes were fast and furious. I just recall having it not as good as I wanted. It was hard. My eyes were set on graduate school. And I think I made the same error I made now in the end of my marriage. I didn’t know anything else but school and studying. Graduate school was it. That’s where I was going. Though in 93 I knew it was failing. My plan.

And that choice to continue in school turned out to be a mistake. What I thought is all knew, it was the same. While in the end of my marriage I think what now.

After I failed at Stanford Graduate school, I went to work in Consulting. Of course after two more years of graduate school in Santa Cruz. And in the end that was the best move. Going to work.

All I knew was 13 years of marriage. Now like graduate school I begin again.

All this flew past me in 8 minutes. The choice was right as it is now.