Crying…In the Car Next To Me, At A Red.

For a moment my stomach hurt, an ache came back as I noticed by oddest happenstance that the female driver next to me, waiting for the green left was crying in her car…in the car next to me…crying.  I never look over!

A wet shimmer beneath her eye was apparent, slight streams of tears on her cheek, her chest moving slowing in harmony with the music in black Altima. What was she feeling?  For me, what jolted me back were my shared experiences.

Was she going through a break up? Was the music making her sad or giving her feeling of times that once were; was she jaded or angry, sad or distraught?  Was it even a break up?

It didn’t matter what the reason, the moment seeing her crying in a car brought me back to just months ago. Crying in my car over music, music that made me feel sad, reminiscent, jaded, mad, distraught, discouraged, remorseful, and sometimes happy.

I almost teared up at the moment in my car for a second…instead I took in Makelmore’s song on the XM, Good Old Days….and reminisced of the happy married days…smiled and drove home to a quite place in South Pasadena.

Finding peace I am…