What is my Brand?

Revised to past tense.

I sat awaiting a new partner at Sanctuary Club, near the lobby/bar, drinking a Diet Coke, listening to industrial…writing…this was a rare treat for me to come to the West Side. See the other side where the true dominants lie…

Also a treat as this was to be a play time with a new rope partner, that I have delicately nurtured to this moment. We played slightly before. Waited two months. Tried again,then ate lunch,and talked it out. All in due time. And so it came together tonight!

She’s a new play partner.

The rope training is beginning to come to fruition…The more I play the more I am seen and the more they see me as trustworthy, courteous, and somewhat competent enough to be safe and take to a mutual level. So that my friends is branding.

My brand is care.