April 1, 2017…The Beginning of Year 1…

My lease at my current residence started April 1 of last year…Cherry Blosoms in full season….  That time has gone, a full year, from when I really-really separated from ex-wife…I reflect yet again on seemingly endless milestones…first my wedding anniversary gone (October 30), divorce effectuate on March 13, and now to a second year at my own place…the commencement of Year 2.


Last night apropos, I dreamt of my past houses while married and places we lived together.  Like a mix of all them in one place. Odd.  The old tree like house in Mount Washington, with my kids bedroom in it.  We didn’t have kids when we lived there, yet it had wood floors of our house in Atwater, where we did have our kids in 2007.  Long hallways like the creepy apartment off of Gower.

The children’s room as I peered in seemed deep and worn in, and I dared not enter and did not want to.  The house in my dreams had holes in the flooring, patched, puckered and poorly filled, but weak and about to give way to bushy ground below like the house on stilts in Mount Washington. Yeah it was on stilts!

Oddly my dream did not have my Valencia house, except the feel of my kids rooms..so much more emotion than just when they were babies while in Atwater…that’s nostalgia, my dream had feelings…like Valencia.

As such my Y2 commenced with a dream of my past…I guess that’s all I have now.  Dreams.

As an emotional being I have learned a very big lesson…act in contrition when you can, when in error, not hubris…remember the past for it has made me who I am today…and look to the mistakes so that I do not stay as I once was at the beginning of Year 1.

Such is my prayer on this Easter Sunday, Our Year of the Lord 2018.