Risk Profile – Two Hundred Years in the Making

it’s taken me a tremendous and concerted effort to get here. At this level of Risk Profile the picture doesn’t give it truth.

I’ve tied and tied. Practiced and taken intensive after intensive. And yet; my ties fail and fail. Though when they work, they work spot on. And this picture gives a false sense of perfection.

This level of risk comes with incremental steps. Three steps back and one step forward. One must continue though. Like climbing a sand dune. You step one foot in front of the other other. Sink in and move in and forward on.

Yes she’s there. Upside down and smiling. This is after two years of serious training through a divorce.

But more than that. I stand on the shoulders of years of others failures and success to get here. Far many more years are seen here. Not two of mine. Two hundred years of predecessors.