Alley Cat At My Window

I hear an alley cat once and awhile. I’m going to bed and I hear her now. She’s been there since I moved in.

Crying. Meowing. What’s she cry for?

A sad hard life. Cry in the darkness. No one, no neighbor throws out a morsel. You know why? We all feel the pain in some way.

Life is hard. Since I moved here. I’ve cried in the darkness in my own my way. We share a common cord…pain. Alone. Meeeeeowwww!

Alienated. Yes the neighbors hear. But so do my old friends. Do they care? No! ‘They went with Sheryl.’

No morsel is thrown to me. Yeah l, I don’t I want it. Now. So like me and the alley Cat. We cry alone. She meows. I write.

It’s close to midnight. One day she will stop meowing. So will I.