Going #Nonbinary; Enough with the Binary Delilah and Cis-Male Self!

So I’ve went NonBinary like going Super Nova last year as my new identity unfolded as a single-person….in South Pass…A single genetic with a major proclivity as identifying outwardly as a female.

I went non-binary because it truly was my role as not being trans, and definitely not being cis-male….

As I rested from Delilah over the summer I looked inward and again found a new optic? That is Delilah went down to sleep Beddee-bye-bye. I find I don’t need to be just Delilah or just cis-male S-N- (you know the rest).

I can be fucking me. Like why wear a dress and all that shit when I can just look feminine as a male? Or wear make-up in my overtly male mode. Especially when rigging.

So yeah, what’s up with this binary? I don’t need to just dress as Delilah. I can be that yet undefined role, a non-binary citizen of the United Fucking States.

To my old school holdouts it’s a hard one to grasp. But you don’t have to be all outwardly female to be you! But say that just me.

Ironic as it is. I have been binary all along, one day Delilah another my cis self. That’s fucking binary.

I am non-binary.