The View from Here

While viewing the latest visuals, the photographic rope art created with Amanda (TheArtAche [IG]) and Rho-Nee (TheRhotographer [IG]) at the Urban Jungle, it came to mind how happy I am to be tying. I mean happy, satisfied, content; a sense of pleasurable fortune. This has been my dream for so long, to tie and/or be tied (mostly in my former days). Now I tie for the most part.

Model: TheArtAche (Amanda Achen)
Photographer: TheRhotographer (Rho-Nee)
RopeWork: DK_Blackfish (DK)

Tying a human is deeply indulgent, it borders on sexuality, with enough sense at the moment to remind you that what we are doing requires a deep level of trust similar to intimate engagement, and without it because we are making ART instead. Photographic rope ART. Tying for me requires no formula or calculus, there are no variables I need to make it an outcome beyond equality, I merely must tie. A tied up person is adorned with rope, not restricted (not completely), it accompanies them in their movements, shapes them in their human form, and accentuates them in their gender expression; female, male or non-binary. Photography at the moment, is my way of sharing the outcome of my passion to tie…namely tying in the manner of Shibari.

But it wasn’t an easy path to get here. it required me to innovate and reset, find a place on the ground level and learn something that would attract rope partners. Thus, getting into Shibari was a no brainer. It was the next step in my rope evolvement from Western Rope, it was a means to stay active in a rapidly evolving Kink metropolis, which was happening to see the tallest skyscraper rise yet in its scape. I wanted to be able to tie, and that was just it. Tie up humans. I had to break into it though, I went as fast as I could, but only in the pace that allowed; merely by the measure of the number of steps I could take to get to the next floor. Step by step, day by day, practice, practice, practice….rise to the next level (floor).

As I gaze upon this photo, I appreciate that the outcome of my desires and dreams have come to fruition. I am tying up humans, I am creating creative works, in stimulating collaborations. All that I worked for is now beholden before me, as I see it from here.

The Rope Scene is one tall skyscraper in the Kink world, with levels upon levels of rope to learn, floor over floor, almost without a roof top bar (but I bet there is a Sky Lounge, ha!). You see my friends and colleges, from this floor that I have ascended to, the mountains are beginning to rise on the horizon, the city scape is fading below (partially), and the sound of the world from above is beginning to wane, humm as it does (hummmm). From this floor, let’s say 23.2 for good measure, (haha an IG insider follower joke), the view is getting to be pretty good.