Ostracized – Prelude to the Scarlet Letter

A (Accountability)

Let it burn in your minds eye.

Today I rant because I am upset, and I will compose my more terse and sharp commentary about the Scarlet Letter later.

Tonight, my account on Instagram is completely frozen. While I earned the hatred from a few who just are so hurt in the world, they know no other means but to punish continuously as if they are the self righteous pilgrims of yore, than to see that I genuinely made a error in a statement that while insensitive, did not support anything other than a mistake. As my aim for greater inclusion was real and supported by previous conversations I had in private. I did not tokenize anyone intentionally. I am Not Fucking Guilty.

But you intentionally, ostracize me for a claim that is baseless.

And if it were true, if I was so bad, why else would I stand today? In the end I was supported with whom I worked with, completely. I stayed intact with all my friendships, partnerships, collaborators, and play partners. But intact is not for you, it is disarray and damage infliction to bring someone down because that’s where you are in life, chaos where unhappiness reigns.

Yet you and your sacred holy cross bearers would rather forsake and judge me as if God himself ordained you Christian saints with no human like error bestowed on us since the days before Eve found the apple. God damn you for your hubris.

I give you today. Fine. But I will take back my place at the table and continue. I will build and build better. You will not stand in my way but just for today. The rest of my life, get away from me and find a life for yourself.