Why Am I A Rope Top?

That is the question. Many times I have been asked, many times I tried to answer. “Because I like to give and see how much people can get from what I provide for them.” Really? Isn’t this what we all say?

However, there has never been a time like this since I started tying as top in which I have been so introspective and able to see in myself. Like really look into myself and see me. Why who I am, why I took this path…Why?

And now is the time to really try to answer this question.

Why am I a rope top?

The answer may surprise you. It is surprising me. Fact is; when you think you know things and then you learn that you don’t, you kind of have to be. Surprised, shocked or you just must be so dense you don’t get it. Go on and say I know. “I can give to someone” blah blah blahhhh!

Well, I still like to think I am smart enough to get it. So I ask; why am I a rope top?

Humm…I am not quite ready to answer as I am still collating. The insight sometimes comes at a whim…and I have had two very big enlightenments over the last week alone.

And yes, I am surprised…I shall share in due time.