Cognitive Processing

Something woke me this early Monday morning. It took me a moment to understand what it was. I realized that I had begun to solve how to approach something that seeming made me feel uneasy the day before. Instead of tossing in bed, I am writing now about it. I looked up-line and realized it has to do with cognitive processing.

Mind you I am not a behavioral scientist. So the term I am using is in the lightest of manners and I aim not to sound garrulous or verbose with catchy terms.

All my engagements and long discussions with those that have sat around me in last 8 weeks have enabled me to deal with a situation in time and think how to approach it without initially over reacting. I wish as a younger person I had such skills.

I guess now at my age it is better now that never.

As I share just briefly, I feel like I have a clear flight path to engage again, to resolve my feelings and talk with them. Say hey, “this was outside my realm of understanding and for some reason I felt uneasy and now I know why and would like to talk about it.” And in the process actually understand myself better.