TBI is Traumatic Brain Injury – Dark Times

Without specifics, in May 2014 I suffered a blow…it changed me to this day. What I feel now is slight pressure, a rush, some slight vertigo-occassional, bouts of anger, Serious_RSsadness, depression, super happiness.

One blow is all I suffered. Not in fiery car crash, no damage requiring grafts, reconstructive surgery. Just a blow. A single blow.

Insurance agents fucked in the ass by the dollar bill (i.e., their job) say, ahh whatever! Denied. I got no rehabilitation.  I’m still recovering. The worst is behind me I feel (I hope deep inside because I can’t do it again).  I went though dark times. Dark, times.

I can image NFL players, suicide is not with out thought, oh yes its real-suicide-How can one live like this?  How could one live forever like that? I lived for a year plus. How about years?  No way.

This photo was taken half way in my spiral, November 2014…I had major head aches before, these are amazingly tolerable comparied to the vertigo which ensured for months. I’ll take head aches and face numbness anyday…Like a tidal wave of nausea, never ending hang over.

Dark Times…behind me. Though I can’t seem to be free. I express on.

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