The Great Purge

Approximately 10 months ago I went through a great purge, a protectionist stance to protect myself from a great accident. I crossed the paths of my vanilla and lifestyle, and was afraid of the consequences.

And so in an instant I deleted my Blogger from 2004, I deleted my Tumblr and deleted my Twitter, from 2011.  Only in a sobering moment of great regret I received my Twitter in full; Tumblr and Blogger by name, yet total loss of their postings and all followers; however. I felt agony for my actions, though justified in that the consequences could have been worse.  If I am found by chance, that is absolutely acceptable.  If I am found by my stupidity that is unacceptable.

Like a great structure, they are meant to degrade, weather down from the forces of nature, or taken by a massive wave. In this I felt a great loss, anxiety, and disappointment.  I am recovering, only slowly am I rebuilding, on a new platform, Word Press.Blogger

In short; the greatest loss was my Blogger…  Written mindset in good ad nstead of Blogger.bad times, from 2004 until 2014 utterly gone.  I will rebuild anew herein on Word Press.  I have much to share, my mind races….

“Once more into the breach dear friends”

…Delilah Knotty.

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