TBI – Dark Times

Without specifics, in May 2014 I suffered a serious injury…to this day I am still recovering. Physically as well as mentally, which the latter was of the greatest challenge.  My confidence in my mental capacity was shaken to the core as just thinking seemed impossible at times, which is the basis of my career.


In November 2014, this photo was taken half way in my downward spiral,  for a Christmas Card set…and I feel it encapsulates my mood at the times.

At this time it was mere head aches or migraines, these are amazingly tolerable compared to the vertigo which ensured for months thereafter in the winter months. I’ll take head aches and face numbness anyday…Like a tidal wave of nausea and serious imbalance – is intolerable.  What I feel now is slight everything to nothing-which if this is my “new-normal’ then I can live and power on and call it over. The worst is behind me I feel…although the dark times I remember when I am alone and reflecting like in this post on a Friday evening.

Dark Times…behind me.

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