It came to a surprise to some that I took up the tagline, Blackfish.  The reference was vague and unclear. In some cases, inquires came in from friends asking what was a Blackfish.  The image or reply I sent made it ‘clearer’, the Blackfish is the Killer Whale, known as a Whale Killer – an Apex dolphin predator of immense proportions. Though an explanation is still in order as it wasn’t exactly clear.

My decision to use Blackfish first emerged when signing up to GooglePlus.  Google asked for a tagline, a statement of intent or identity.  I ran with my first thought, simply, Blackfish.  I must preface to my explanation that the reference to the Blackfish is tethered to my specific persona as Delilah Knotty, a gender nonconformist, a player in the Scene as a bondage switch.

Unapologetically, I hereby attest, from the perspective of my current state as a transgendered bondage model, performer, rigger; I am an Apex model in this niche of the Scene; a status among a few of us in this Scene’s niche.

That being stated, the ocean is vast and is populated by enumerable pods of Blackfish; therefore my distinction with the Blackfish carries over to all others that may also be at the top of their game in the Scene. I am NOT the only and unique Blackfish, many of you or others I don’t know who actively practice in the Scene are also in my mind, Blackfish.

My attainment of this level, was supported by many others, without them I may not have uncovered my true nature or role in the Scene. Similar to Blackfish pods, there are families, with hunting and social traits that are unique to their global habitats. For instance, only Argentinian Blackfish, surge coastlines shores for unwary seals.    Thus are my traits, developed in the environment within the social contexts of where I live, the United States.

Abstract as that all seems, I have managed to ascend to the Apex level within a niche of the hugely faceted, conglomerate Scene, as a transgendered bondage model.  Cast side any prejudgments that I attest to be the one and only, far-far from it.  This is not what I am conveying.

So then lets focus to the point of this…I can do this, I can bondage-model, my pictures translate-they work. There is not doubt Blackfish are good what they do, and like Blackfish, I too, am good at this…confidence reigns in them…and so it is in me.

There are more facets to this decision to identify with the Blackfish…though that remains for later.



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