Pride – Prejudice – Zombies

It’s a laudable supposition that I hear sone contemplate the notion of zombies existing 200 years ago as an absurd concept. As if the notion of zombies existing only during modern times the only possibility!  Haha!  Like please, OMG, whatever!

Some say they won’t see the movie, the same patrons that watch the Walking Dead with religious fervor only to spend more time criticizing the inconsistencies of a world over taken during a zombie apocalypse. Like what? Honestly, its a lackluster conscious decision, egocentric to the core-really, that zombies could, and should only now be a nasty infliction upon us in the 20th or rather 21st century instead of the 19th.  As if Zombies are purely only a new anthropocentric idea. I’m sure this idea of the dead arising, chasing young ladies to dine upon their flesh for sustenance is hardly the notion of a 20th/21th century giant. 

Needless to go on, with dagger welding ladies like these fighting zombies in silken dresses, and white stockings, whose to care?  I’m for one in to see dressed up gals chase men down and women I might add, down for their blood lust pleasure.  Mere carnal indulgences to watch such a speckle.  Now..what time should I go?

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