Seven Wild Horses

Wild Horses…Run Faster, Run Faster, Run Faster! -Bishop

Opportunity has arisen for an personal interview, one of a kind that I have shyed away from with fervor since forever. My carefully contrived dual presence feels as if it is going to be tested by Seven raging Wild Horses that have been gathered for a reckoning by The One.  Oddly as it may seem, my belief as a phantom on-line presence has in fact be truthed by the longevity of never being outed.  As it stands, Google’s immensity has provided me this guise of self-deceit. Although, in reality, clarity of both who I am in my vanilla life and Scene profile have escaped connectivity. A Google’s search can be a shield…. Our lips are Sealed -The GoGo’s.


At hand are questions poised to be directed at me. Witness to previous interviews, I realized how readily we wish to be profiled for possible recognition for fame and fortune, or let’s proclaim notoriety and infaliability.  The professional Scene is as competitive as any other endeavor, it’s narrow field of visionaries leaves room for only the most persistent who strive for success.  It’s the Scene, bottom or top, Dom or Sub, do people know who we are? Rather, Do they know who I am?

Oh yes, I too yearn to speak my peace, hand over fist, like as I witnessed, we feel a deep desire to speak of our path herein and soith, I too care to tell all, apprehensively! (Pause)….Pondering, as if this takes off, this hidden duality may end. What will this serve or serve to others for their outspoken pathogenic, self-righteous correctionalists.  That bridge needs to be crossed for lack of a better word, we in the Scene need to make a stand for who we are, alone or side-by-side. I am in the Scene, a player, an exhibitstionst of the Bondage Style!

What remains is what is it I will say? Can I devise of such useless rhythms unless presented with the questions; infinitely I can with only minor consequence until presented with them that is, shadow boxing to possible questions is useless as anyone bears practice.  At any rate, I will follow these Seven Wild Horses…follow.  The story is about them, the Seven Wild Horses.

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