Super French Manicure – Social Profiling









Less frequent as I would like to have, my nails are currently in a very-VERY, French style.  Almost on the side, of way too French, New Jersery French!!! Super French as I call them.  Above all other manicures, this one still makes me the most self-conscious, as my French manicures most often evokes brief moments of social profiling.  What can I say, it comes with the territory and today it happened a lot! I’ll just say this, I was at a large event.

My alternate colors, typically in the dark hues of red, are easily worn in pure daylight with far less moments of judgement.  It’s kind of amusing now a days, as I see those who seem to notice, and go on with life, versus those who seem to care, and methodically size me up…Many immediately like to dismiss me as being gay, such a poor assumption.  Others more insightful, see me as I am, Tg.  While the hateful genetics and male counterparts, bear judgement on my soul to damnation!  Haha.

Anyway, just another day in life of being me having a Super French..

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