Eye Brows

On a brow path over the last almost two years!  I’ve noticed in this time that thin brows weren’t the only way to fly, having been going to a brow salon for awhile now. And of-course naturally, noticing gal’s brows here and there, realizing that a little fuller and longer were in. In fact, I noticed that they indeed looked very nice, what the difference was that their brows were shaped and clean.  

In particular, I noticed the younger ladies, maybe a few years in collage or just outside, their brows were coiffed and filled with tiny girlish tendrils. So in the last few years I have been on a pursuit to fill them in, keeping the shape no-less.  I’ve had a few set backs, due to having a less experienced aesthetician going in for full deforestation. Coping with the loss, I’ve trended on, through the bush as there are times when recovering your brows you have to go long periods without up keep.  Bushy, missing gaps, renegade sprouts, it’s difficult to do.

As seen, these were my brows from last year while at BoundCon and above, my brows in current state.  Quite a difference, you see!  Even below you can see I was trying to bring them back, though for BoundCon, I had to make a sacrifice.

In the end, it’s been working. And of recent, I’ve been trying European Wax Centers regenisis product.  Aimed at making them full and sweet to the eye. I believe it’s working, at least the Afro-America beauty who is watching over my reforestation claimed as true! She’s like over 50, and looks like 35. Gorgeous.  Since I’m so vulgar, while delving into desire, Jessica is a find. My first gal from EWC was a gothic pierced babe, who I was deeply infatuated with beautiful…She just left one day, it was sadenining.  Though doors opened, having a few other in between, one a perfectionist, Rebecca, was truelly a master at brows took her time and explained in detail her plan, so worth it…in the end now I have Jessica.  She’s awesome sauce….so I go on with brow recovery!

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