Modeling at The Justice League

As mentioned, it was a pleasant surprise to see this tweet!  This was a modeling gig I so eagerly participated in for Mistress Georgia (MG) my wife at the legendary studios of the The Justice League, back in 2001 or so.  The reason is that I have for years held back showing MG in the photos from on-line, most I ever shared were just me, either natively or having to edit her out.  As MG is making a play at creating a social-footprint, rather-well, her past work is being shared and so here they come! And not by me for once.
Although I have been claiming for years that this shoot was my first, I am recollecting that we had done one other official shoot. For a magazine, black and white print, I will have to find the copy I’ve saved. And oh-yeah remember those, magazines? DDI, remember that magazizine; a bad-ass magazine. DDI’s circulation is how I found my way into the Scene.

To the point, this photoshoot worked out so well it propelled me to pursue modeling, it was an insatiable desire that burned inside. I conjured a way, write Harmony Concepts, send them a few of the photos and apply to model for them. Harmony Concepts was the flagship of all bondage magazines! The best of females in bondage and in addition, they had a small circulation of crossdressers in bondage. And so this set got me in the door to Harmony as R. Harmon accepted my application. And as such a new chapter began. It was this shoot at the Justice League that Delilah Knotty was conceived, though my official name was yet to be recognized until my work at Harmony.   Delilah was around though, missing the ‘Knotty’ part of the equation.

And for the record, details of this story was previously shared on my Blogger account that is no-more.  However, these are juicy-new insights, hidden for over a decade, until now!



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