Commentary: 10 Cloverfield Lane – Possibly Spoiler Alert

 So….I ventured out on a Saturday night to go see my favorite genre, Sci-Fi, with a touch of horror, well more than a touch, a dab, and an immersion of homicidal tendencies.  I was quite entertained, even amoung all the couples who couldn’t stop rubbing each other and talking in each other’s ears, I mean, come’on I spent $20.50 for an IMAX screening to hear them munch on each other? OMG!

Yeah, the manager would say ‘they suck’ if I complained.

Anyway…like all good Sci-Fy, there lies deep meanings in their story-line.  The one take-home I grabbed on to, next to the arm rests on those tense scenes….was Security. Yes Security.

While Apple battles for their right to maintain their own encription all while the ideal of National Securtiy is at risk, so too did Cloverfield the semi-sequel ring the the same tune. At what point do we let go, be captive to an overlord who attests that we should be calm and secure in hidden underground bunker while scarey unknowns roam the Earth hunting, i.e., terrorists?  Yes, it’s true. On the side of big Gov, are the pragmatists who claim it’s in the name of our livelihood.  Apple, give the codes so we can be safe from evil.

As Goodman, held two persons, in a safe heaven from foreign evils that never seem to materialize until the end, in which of-course he was vindicated, as in Boston catastrophe, that they couldn’t know or possibly know of the true depths of evil that lurk underground in Syria or Afgantishatan or in the air above as at 10 Cloverfield Lane.

At what point do we say yes, I will succumb to totalitarianism, and let security out weigh my innaliable rights of freedom? Yes, big Gov you know better…take my security away, make me give you everything for me to be safe.  Apple give in.

And so like at 10 Cloverfield Lane, this mantra cannot be enforced.  Freedom pushes through even at that our, their own possible peril…while they push-true evil awaits.


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