Through the Looking Glass

..Pass through the Looking Glass…travel to another place and time of my  past, back in 2001 during the fantastical photo shoot with Mistress Georgia Payne (@Georgia_Payne01) at Mistress Simon’s  Justice League.  A one-of-a kind hidden gem of a photo of us together, taken for ourselves and never to be shared so long as we lived…as I once thought.  Now that our lives are not so hidden, and that your Union (marriage) is open, I am so now inclined to bring it to light, a cherished-intimate moment in time caught on raw film during the shoot.

Back in the day, I printed this photo (digital version lost forever) and framed it in my living room in a testimony of my love.  Family and friends who came over all bore witness to the prominence of it…and for some reason it has been hidden from me for so many years until just now as I began searching for that Whips and Chains magazine I kept as well to write about, one of which I anonymously modeled for without showing my face (such was my time of anonymity).  Coming upon this photo, inside an over-sized white photo envelope, I was immediately diverted to gaze upon it.  Inside are a few more forever hidden moments of us, only in print.

This photo captured the essence of my devoted love to Georgia, my desire to be hers, her captured beauty and her my Mistress forever.  Bound and gagged, and wrapped in her arms, I was at ease, harmoneouslsy melting into her soul and warmth, such a rare-rare moment captured on film between us. It’s just amazing shot and moves my soul to the core…it moves me back to a time or yore…our days living on Gower in Hollywood proper.

A one of a kind moment, almost lost in time until now, until through which – the Looking Glass we passed though…

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