Not Now – Twitter / Face Book – Not Now

Ancillary note to this blog day, as I haven’t written in over a year, it’s a blog day; Twitter and Face Book. I hate them both. 

I’ve  been a bitch to Twitter for years.  Now I’ve tried FB. That thing is worse. And with my state of mind I shouldn’t be on either one. I went dark on FB. FB doesn’t want you to go so you have the option to go inactivie.  Twitter you can’t do such a thing without erasing everything.  Which I’ve built organically.  

I mean should I not care?!  Why do I care? I do somehow. So fuck it. Yes I care. I’ can go dark by deleting the app and then locking my account. I have nothing to hide but myself from it. It hurts me. It hurts me to see them. 

It hurts me to see…I’ll be bold person and say yes, I can’t handle it. 

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