In my recent relocation I just about purged everything I owned down to the couch…some of the furniture I had to just let go, like my medevil rought iron bed….totally elated about that giveup! 

Now I look around and I see that I approached the asymptotic limit of owning nothing.  Coincidentally I found articles across my desktop on minimalism.   Of which I think I am now a party off and beginning to embrace. 

I have to admit the lack of clutter is soothing. My new memory foam full bed (I went from CA King), huge I mean huge downsize (think of Trump saying this); the bed is now on the carpeted floor.  I have a new wireless Yamaha speaker from Costco I just got adjacent to my memory bed…and bags of rope for bondage play time…and my aforementioned iPad Pro I talked about before. 

The open space is good for rope play honestly. I love it. Next to my delux Taj Mahal of a yoga mat I got at REI a year ago, great purchase…I’m game for rope play or a good God Damn 60-minute yoga stretch….

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