On My Mind – In the Age of Social Media

I sit quietly now in the Grand Park reflecting on my delusion and misguided attempt to describe what I’ve had to go through. The feelings of loss the inevitable death of someone I once loved. 

I have tried to air myself only to be put down and down again. All while in my face I must see that they are still alive and well.

They say one must die in your mind to truly close a divorce. Yet in this day of social media, it’s impossible to just turn and close the door. 

Esp. having the same social circles in which I have been summarily replaced like a mantle clock that just got old and outdated. Tick tock…tick tock. 

When you become obsolete your compatibility to the ‘new Scene’ is ever more evident. Yet unlike the landfill, being discarded in the age of social media doesn’t erase an 18 year history. It only brings to light the  desperation of the New to purge the past they had, friends-family-colleagues…my other is dead. Except….’never mind their social media footprint.’

I am not dead…I did not die. Neither did my counter part….In the age of social media a new beginning only highlights the end…Divorce

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