Here Comes The Sun….(dark corners)….Pasadena 

The dark corners are those hold memories…the places where your past have been left behind only to be brought up in the oddest of times….and so this afternoon while negotiating yet another term of my divorce, all while getting a mani/pedi, a brief flash came across my mind in the chair.

A memory from the dark corners…a memory in which we were so happy at one time, I mean happy!  Living in Pasadena renting, raising our twins, sitting on a cash of money having sold our house just before the big recession….thanks to me….and one day in the spring sitting on the greenest of lawns listening to the Beatles….Here comes the Sun….Here comes the sun….

Little Darling…it feels like home…

I teared up getting my nails done…and so it was while picking up girls after summer camp after my nails ….. the damn song came on, on-my XM Radio…I cried at the car wash….Jesus I just quoted this to her (mg my X)….the girls said what’s wrong papa? Nothing I replied. 

Little daring…it feels like home…here comes the sun….it’s alright…(no itsn’t is it)…but in 2008…it was alright….little darling…it felt like home…..

God damn this hurts…

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