Wonder Woman – Posturing 101

Just a quick one, I’ve been debating to update my headers on Social Media, and after seeing Wonder Woman and how I loved her serious posturing when in battle I decide to give it a go.

I am in nothing else myself, in the near end of this in my own right, negotiating the lamest of final terms in a doomed to end 18-year marriage to famous of famous dominatrix.  In the end, what I’m asking for isn’t much, after all it’s the law, like her getting 20% of pension.  No fair! I say!

Besides….I really like this photo of me, I was damn serious at the time. I was battling another great war, the War to End All Wars, a great one, a Concussion Syndrome.  So when we took the photo set, I was quite unhappy…though I think it shows my feminine beauty.   Enough of the bondage in me, let’s see the Wonder Woman in me.

Photo by Sandra Gibbons, the S–A Set 2014.

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