Coworker – Two Sides

I have a coworker who is female and naturally sides with my Ex2.  Apparently she wasn’t blocked like my entire family.  Strangely-so she’s her new life and judges me, at my work!  She just says there’s two sides…and walks off….

I wonder; does she know her side? What in pictures? Doubtful. Ex2’s profession wouldn’t sit well with her…Or at my work and for me at that matter.  I’m in the same boat. 

And It’s incredibly hard to take that kind of pain when someone says this and they don’t any side of a story.  Two sides yes, care to hear me out?  No. 

There’s one side. And my coworker sees it while I don’t. 

Yet I can endure this crap. I have been through so much I don’t even tear up.  Like a general whose seen it all.  It just doesn’t register to that level. Just in the chest. 

But she doesn’t know…my coworker. She’ll be blocked I am sure after this.  Ex2’s is covering her tracks in case I lose my shit. ;). It’s a weak firewall.

Why share with a coworker. Weird?

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