Saturday – Energy Exchange (#Rope Play)

Feeling revitalized!

On Saturday I had the opportunity to rope play (I mean free form play) at Club Threshold, at my good friends Sandra Gibbons Tease event…I was out alone and actively outreaching to play with anyone interested. Namly a nice genetic female, I like them. 🙂

So often I search and search awaiting for the right connection. It’s difficult. Within 15 minutes I had! Wonderful! Unbelievable. 

She was ethusiatic and experienced having played with a known local rigger. Perfect! Let’s play!  

We tried various ties and emotional scenarios. Wonderful! Time flew by. We had played for over 2-hours. Probably longer. 2++ And talked and shared thoughts during and afterwards. Upon reflection is was a refreshing infusion of energy into my rope play.  So needed at this pivotal time. This week. I’m going to walk into mediation confident. 

I’ve also been aiming to play with others to see how my energy transmitted, my personal partner connects, yes; but can others feel me too?  I’d like to say yes, I can after Saturday.  I feel very good today. 

I had similar experiences in Japan at a few SM bars…those evenings were great play times with the in house girls. The Japanese girls said they loved it and that I played differently than most, but then again I was visiting and a patron, so naturally I wasn’t completely covinced. Maybe 90%.

I’m pleased to see there’s more I can offer than just tying one up. 


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