Love Delilah, but Not in Love with Delilah

On the evening of finally receiving my duplicate copy of the draft dissolution papers I reflect of many things about the end. What she said, how they acted out, what they incurred on themselves…the shit storm hardly came from me at all…Jesus. You earned it.

One thing I heard in the end, as I ponder along, this very Friday’ish pre-October day, someone told me, “She Loves Delilah, Just Not in Love with Delilah….”

Now is that adulting or not?  Not.

It’s stupid…but more so let’s think this over closer.  Now my Ex2 doesn’t have to be seen with me, Delilah.  How that must be a relief….she always disliked being around me dressed…now it’s over. 

Second, being with a white male, how much better is that?  A white male who isn’t like; the ‘appearance of being transgendered or gender queer, or gender fluid’.. Being I.

White America, behold them, not so ethic nor LGBTQ-I to the fucking A, couple.  How nice is that now?

And let’s not pretend I’m outing anything or anyone here; their relationship is on their twitters profiles, they have tweets about them in Sardax paintings, Sardax even rendered on about them in his story…with a depiction of friends cheering on in the background…who does that, the leader of North Korea does…propaganda.

Well good for him…Sardax’s work is good by the way…has depth and meaning that I truelly undrestand on a personal level. More on that…
Love but Not in Love…stupid..

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